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Download Specification Documents using the links below
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US Paper Stock Institute U SP-2007
Scrap Specs Paper Stock

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European List of Standard Grades
- EN 643 : 2002

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Plastic Specifications PAS 103

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U SP-2007 Scrap Specifications – Plastics

As yet there is no international agreement of the specifications of recovered plastics and as such buyers and sellers should satisfy themselves of individual grade requirements of any transaction in more detail prior to contract.

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Recovered Paper

Recovered Paper is a vital raw material and as a commodity has now reached international significance.

There has been much effort to harmonise and simplify the recovered paper grades worldwide to the benefit of all parties involved.

The main grades we offer/purchase are outlined below together with links to the widely-accepted international grading schedules.  These lists are for use by industry professionals, organisations and individuals involved in the recovered paper sector to assist in the buying and selling of this raw material which is intended for recycling by the paper and board industry.

Suppliers and buyers alike should take these standards as a foundation upon which they can identify trading opportunities subject to agreeing individual grade requirements in more detail at the time of contract.

Recovered Plastics

Recovered plastics are gaining increasing importance as a raw material particularly as governments strive to reduce the amount of plastics that are sent to landfill. Demand for recovered plastics is growing both from Europe and SE Asia – in particular China.

The main markets centre on two product areas:
• Plastic Film
• Plastic Bottles

Plastic Film
Plastic film is a thin-gauge packaging used as a bag or wrap ie plastic shopping bags, stretch wrap etc.  Plastic films compose a broad category of materials that can be relatively simple of complex depending on the demand of a product or package.  Films can be made of different polymers the main ones being:

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene)
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Plastic Bottles
Almost all plastic bottles are made from 1 of 3 types of plastic:

PET  eg bottles containing fizzy drinks, cordials, cooking oil
HDPE eg bottles containing milk/fruit juice, washing up
liquid, fabric conditioner
PVC eg toiletries, still mineral water

These bottles can be clear or coloured and can be recycled to make a variety of end products such as clothing, electrical fittings, fencing, wall/floor coverings and new packaging.

Prime Paper/Reel Stock

Due its close links with paper mills throughout the world, IRL have access to a range of suppliers of prime grade paper and also excess inventory/stocklots.

Prime Paper
Woodfree Printing and Writings
Offset Paper
Cast Coated Base Paper
A4 Copier Paper
C1S/C2S Art Paper and Board


IRL purchase/supply a wide range of stocklots.  The attached list provides more information as to the material in which we are interested.

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements in more detail.

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